Conference: 9th International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection: CPDP 2016
Title: Towards a Biometric Impact Assessment Template


Claire Gayrel (University of Namur)
Date: 28/01/2016
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Conference: EAB Research Projects Conference: EAB-RPC
Title: Towards a Biometric Impact Assessment Template 


Claire Gayrel (University of Namur)
Title: Experience & Tools on the BIAT part 1
Presenter Paco Gomez Molinaro (Visual Tools)
Title: Experience & Tools on the BIAT part 2
Presenter Estibaliz Arzoz Fernandez (Trialog)
Title: Testing the Template & Standardizaation Perspective
Presenter Antonio Kung (Trialog)
Date: 07/09/2015
Location: Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt, Germany

Conference: 8th International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection: CPDP 2015
Panel: I Spy with My Fly: When Video Surveillance Goes Mobile: video
Chair: Fanny Coudert (KU Leuven, BE)
Moderator: Jos Dumortier (Time.lex, BE)
Panel: Mathias Bossue (Thales, FR), Nathalie Grandjean (University of Namur, BE), Daniel Le Métayer (INRIA, FR), Jay Stanley, ACLU (US)
Date 21-23/01/2015
Location Brussels

Training: VideoSense Ethical Training: NoE & VCE
Title: System Engineering and Privacy Handling


Mathias Bossuet (Thales)
Date: 02/06/2014
Location: Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Conference: Annual Privacy Forum: APF 2014
Title: Accountable Surveillance Practices: Is the EU Moving in the Right Direction?
Presenter: Fanny Coudert (K.U. Leuven)
Title: Towards a Multidisciplinary Framework to Include Privacy in the Design of Video Surveillance Systems
Presenter: Zhendong Ma (AIT)
Date: 20-21/05/2014
Location: Athens, Greece

Conference: 3rd VideoSense Summer School: NoE & VCE
Title: Introduction to the PARIS Project and to Privacy by Design Applied to Video-Surveillance Systems
Presenter: Mathias Bossuet (Thales)
Date: 16-17/04/2014
Location: Sophia Antipolis, France

Conference: 7th International Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection: CPDP 2014

Panel on Privacy by Design: The Transition From Concept to Essential Component of Data Protection:  video

Panel member: Antonio Kung (Trialog)
Title: To Consent, or Not to Consent?
Panel Chair: Daniel Le Métayer (Inria)
Title: Privacy vs. Surveillance in Public Spaces: Essential Tools for a Fair Balance
Panel members: Fanny Coudert (ICRI KU Leuven, François Thoreau (CRIDs University of Namur)
Date: 22-23/01/2014
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Conference: School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Title: Security and Privacy Engineering - Design and Build Secure and Privacy-Preserving Computer Systems
Presenter: Zhendong Ma (AIT)
Date: 09/07/2013
Location: Singapore

Conference: 3rd International Workshop on Information Systems Security Engineering: WISSE'13
Title: Towards an Integrated Discipline of Security and Software Engineering for Future Computing Scenarios
Presenter: Antonio Maña (UMA), Keynote speaker
Date: 18/06/2013
Location: Valencia, Spain

Conference: 4th International Workshop on Data Usage Management: DUMA 2013

Log Design for Accountability

Presenter: Denis Butin (Inria)
Date: 23/05/2013
Location: San Francisco, California, USA


Privacy By Co-Design in Socio-ethical and Privacy Preserving Surveillance Systems Video-Analytics: Framework Architecture, Algorithms and Impact Assessment: Clustering Workshop
Title: Privacy Preserving Infrastructure for Surveillance: The PARIS Project
Presenter: Christrophe Jouvray (Trialog)
Date: 22/03/2013
Location: Brussels, Belgium


Title: Privacy by Design: A Formal Framework for the Analysis of Architectural Choices
Presenter: Daniel Le Métayer (Inria)
Date: 18-20/02/2013
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA